Our Philosophy

We believe that our children need a healthy, secure and safe learning environment. Our team will create an indoor and outdoor environment that is welcoming to both the children as well as their families to feel like home. While caring for our children we allow them to learn to their full capacity.

Our children will learn the best while having fun. Every child is unique especially when it comes to how they learn. We as educators are there to guide and support our children through any challenge. Our challenges allow our children to develop social and emotional skills to their full potential in two different languages.

When teaching a second language at an early age it improves our children’s thinking abilities, positively affects brain structure, and gives them a head start in their education.

About Us

Happy Children’s Day Care is a family owned business. Our story begins with two sisters that discovered that most parents if not all parents need a sitter, home care or daycare for their children. But there is always one problem. The one and the only problem are being able to find and trust the right person with their child. 14 years ago we began our journey babysitting. In doing so our passion for taking care of children grew, as well as building trust with parents. We decided to give it a try and babysit once again, but this time we converted our family room into mini daycare. This idea was a success and we’re now proudly able to open our facility. We hope to grow as a family owned business, building trust and a long lasting relationship with our family and yours.

img1 Learning & Fun
We’re more than educators. We help children build confidence for life.
img2 Healthy Meals
Strong minds require healthy food. We believe your child should have a nutritious diet.
img4 Children Safety
We take your child’s safety very seriously, that is why a teacher is never far!
img5 Cute Environment
Learning a new language is fun! We’ll help them learn at an early age.
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full daycare
full daycare

Meet our Director

All staff have access to professional opportunities that include international placement, training and professional development programmes.


We would love for your little one to become a new member of our amazing team. Apply online with us today!